With all of the games out there that has chat rooms and other ways to communicate, it’s easy for kids to make friends, but its even easier for predators to target children, and gain information. My oldest child loves to play Roblox, a popular game a lot of children and adults play. Like many games, it’s impossible to not have your child not play one of them, so how do we protect them? Well at my house I don’t sugar coat anything, I like to give it to my kids straight, after all, they need to learn the truth. I feel like this gives them the best chance in life to stay safe. So I tell my kids that it’s dangerous, but I don’t stop there, I let them know how. I let them know that there are people who look for kids, pretend to be kids and try to get information and that the people who try to do this will hurt you and do horrible things to you, and even kill you. They will take you from us and we will never see you again. Its serious, and they get that. It may scare them but I don’t care, I would rather have my kids scared to death to make a bad choice, than to make it because they’re not scared and lose them for ever to a horrible person. It’s your child, so it’s up to you on how you teach them about bad things in the world. It’s sad that we even have to do that at all, but the sad truth is that we live in that kind of world and it’s getting worse. If our kids are not educated they could become someone’s victim, and I can’t stand the thought of that. I can’t stand anyone losing their child to someone else’s carelessness and evil heart. It saddens me and hurts my heart. Please consider scaring your child if that’s what it takes. I know we want our kids to not be scared and think the world is beautiful and happy and it is, but they also need to know that there is bad, and that they need to be careful. Teenagers are the worst you can’t just tell them not to do something and tell them its dangerous, they usually don’t care. Teenagers are not scared, well I say make them sacred. Tell them the truth, show them what can happen by showing that it has happened before. Like I said, I would rather have a scared child, than a missing one. I hope when you leave this article, you will also get past the fact that it will scare them, and think more about the fact that it will protect them. Ignorant children and teens are the most susceptible to falling for predator’s traps, make sure your child is not one of them.


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